For those who follow along with our social media (or even just our blog), you’ve probably heard about our latest store to open up in San Antonio, Texas. You maybe even saw pictures of it in progress. What you might not know is that the store was handed over to us from the construction company 8 days before our Grand Opening. That left us with a LOT of work to do in not a lot of time.

Well, each morning for those 8 days, one of our ACK San Antonio team members snapped a picture from the entrance way and each morning’s photo showed big changes from the previous one. I thought it would be neat to put them all together in a GIF so you can watch the 8-days worth of progress in under 10 seconds. Of course, you can come see the ACK San Antonio store for yourself during regular store hours since we opened the first weekend of February!

 San Antonio Store Progress

You can see the individual pictures in the gallery below too: