One way of storing your Hobie Kayak.
One way of storing your Hobie Kayak.

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Kayak storage isn’t often given much thought, but doing it improperly can lead to permanent damage. Matt Miller, Director of Parts & Accessory Sales at Hobie Cat USA, shares tips and techniques for properly storing your Hobie Kayak.

Important: When storing your Hobie Kayak, do NOT hang your kayak from the bow and stern handles. These handles are designed for carrying the kayak, not for hanging for long periods of time. The plastic will slowly stretch over time and possibly even eventually fail which will create a hole. When storing your Hobie kayak, it is important to be sure that it is well supported in something such as a kayak storage rack.

Storing your Hobie Kayak on the ground or on a rack

One technique for storing your Hobie kayak is by putting it upside down and resting on its two crossbars. The rails of the kayak are very stiff and can support the weight easily. Padded crossbars will reduce the chance of any scratches or marks on the rails. If you must store it right side up, use cradles or something that is shaped to the contour of the hull. If the kayak is resting right side up with little to no support, the entire weight of the kayak may rest on one point on the bottom and possibly cause a flat area to develop. We do offer custom molded cradles for the Adventure Island and the Pro Angler.

Storing your Hobie Kayak with hanging racks or straps

If you plan on hanging your kayak from a ceiling, a minimum of one inch webbed strapping should be used to spread the load of the kayak over more area. Using rope to support it may leave dents in the rails, especially in the heavier kayaks. Best if stored upside down with the strap loads on the stiff cockpit rails.

Removing dents after improperly storing your Hobie Kayak

If you do see a dent or flat area from improper storage, you can remove it fairly easily. For minor dents, put the kayak in the sun with the dent up. The plastic will soften slightly and the plastic will return to its original shape. For more severe dents, pour near boiling hot water over a towel on the dent and pressurize the hull. The air pressure will push on the softened plastic, returning it to its original shape. A great way to put air pressure in your hull is to direct a shop vacs exhaust flow into the opened drain plug. Do not force more than a pound or two of pressure into the hull without the possibility of the pressure easily escaping. Pressure in the hull can cause damage.

So how do you store your Hobie Kayak? Leave us a comment below and let us know!



    1. Hey Duran, thanks for reaching out. We do not recommend storing the PAs on scupper wheels. Stress inside the scupper hole over an extended period of time can lead to small cracks and leaks. It’s okay for temporary storage but not as a long term solution.

  1. Live in tempe Az temps highest summer 118 degrees ? Ok to store

    REvolution 11 ft hobie upside down on car rack under cover on side hse n covered by a tarp

    1. Hey Trevor,

      That sounds like it would be all right! The main important things to note about kayak storage is keeping them indoors (check!) and keeping them on their side (check! you mentioned they were on the side in another comment) so the hulls don’t get warped.

      As long as the weight of the boat is being evenly distributed – and seeing how you’re using a kayak trailer, it should be – you’re good to go! If you’re interested in looking at some storage rack options, here’s everything we’ve got:

  2. I have purchased the Malone trailer through you… I am in need of purchasing the cradles for the pro angler 12 & 14… How do I go about getting the proper hardware for the cradles?



    1. Hey David, I checked with someone on our customer service team and he said your best bet is to go to your local hardware store and get nuts and bolts – we don’t carry a special kit with the hardware for these. If you have any questions about the specific hardware needed, let me know and I’d be happy to help!

  3. I’ve stored two hobbies kayaks on their sides on a trailer outdoors covered with auto tarp. Will they be ok stored in Virginia on their sides for the winter?

    1. Hi Cindy,

      The potential for warping is always there however it should be fine. Storing them on their side is best if you don’t have a storage rack and we recommend that you rotate them a few times throughout the winter to prevent any possible damage/warping. If you have any other questions please feel free to call our Customer Relationship Team and they would be happy to go into more detail. The number is 512-828-3828. Hope this helps!

      -Dayvee @ ACK

  4. I’m using a ladder rack to carry my 2 sit on top style after tightening them down with ratchet straps I notice where the bar is making that part of the bottom staying flat. Is this normal?

  5. What about storing the kayak vertically? I am very limited on space. It is also outside, would wrapping it in a tarp also eliminate the effects of direct sunlight?

    1. Hey Nick,

      You can definitely store your kayak vertically (that is how we do it!) but we do recommend using some tie down straps to make sure your kayak is secure. Another option would be to store it on the ceiling of your garage (our kayak lift system would be perfect for this) or suspending it from the side of your garage (this lift kit will help with that). If you still plan on storing it vertically make sure to rotate the kayak every so often to keep the pressure from accumulating in one spot which can cause the hull to warp.

      A tarp will certainly prevent your kayak from UV rays and keep the color looking fresh.

      If you have any other questions please feel free to contact our customer service team at 888-828-3828! Thank you!

      1. For storing the sport kayak vertically… it’s a little heavy for me to lift (I’m almost 60 and weigh 115). Is there some way to maybe pull the kayak up with a pulley mounted high on the wall with a hook attached to the lifting handle at the tip of the kayak, or isn’t this a strong enough connection? And as far as rotating it from one end to the other, how can you set it on the end with the rudder? I got a new Kayak before worrying about storing it and need to find an easy safe way to store it vertically because of space issues.
        Thank-you! Love my Hobie Kayak! I have one in Michigan and now in Florida too.

        1. My name is Ruth Johnson and I love my Hobie Islands too. I am the Secretary of State for Michigan and kayak from ice leaving to ice coming and use it to promote our on-line services. I would like to kayak the North Channel and Mannitoulin Islands this summer and thought it might be nice to get others to join me. I want to depart out of DeTour in the UP and take a few day trip. IF you are interested please let me know. Ruth

  6. Question…can the foot peddles be removed or do they fold down if not in use? I’m interested in the oasis or outfitter models do they also make storage cradles or nets for either model? Thanks