Re-posted from with permission, original content by Tim Nikels.

After dreaming and obsessing about it, I finally made my mind up to purchase a new Slayer Propel. Left work early stopped by ACK, no second guessing or wondering, just “Hi, I’ll take one of these, in lizard lick, is it in the warehouse and when can I have it?”

ACK got it in from their warehouse the next day and installed 4 flush mount rod holders behind the seat because I really liked that layout on my Manta Ray, and don’t really care for milk crates. Also had ACK install the anchor trolley (because their costs for installation are insanely cheap, so why not?). Since I didn’t want any issues with messing up the rudder, or having to worry about carrying a heavy boat, I opted for the C-Tug kayak cart, and it works great and the color compliments the boat.

Little LED light Soldering...
Little LED light Soldering…

I was able to pick it up the early following day with the installations completed. I was spending the weekend with my boys so didn’t spend much time on the boat, only rigging was installing the front hatch cover and rearranging the bungies in the rear well the way I like them. I debated my lighting options for a while and decided that I’d rather have green LEDs, mainly because my blue LEDs are on white strips, which would look like crap, even thought the lights might be brighter. I had 24″ strips on my Manta Ray and noticed that I was always trying to lean forward to see the lit up areas under the boat, because the lights were all up front. For the Slayer Propel, I decided to install 48″ light strips on each side, which brings the lights back almost to the cockpit.

The Fish Finder all rigged up.
The Fish Finder all rigged up.

For my fish finder, I bought a Humminbird with Down Imaging, as I’ve been told DI is a big help in tournament fishing. You can see the power cable and transducer cable coming out of the grommet to the right. After debating where my paddle was going to be stored and how I wanted things placed, I decided to do what most do and mount the FF on the right rail up front using a ram ball mounting system for the head unit.

The battery is located in the front hatch, instead of making a box or anything for it, I just used velcro to attach it to the wall of the well, easy in and out and it holds it securely in place (power cabling also run through a Hobie grommet into the hull). I need to do a little bit of tidying up of the wires in the hull, and work in a fusible link somewhere, but everything is currently functional and the way I want it. There’s still another circuit available on the switch, so I still may do some cockpit lights later (although they always just blinded me in the Manta Ray, maybe installed below the seat they won’t blind me).

I’ll be taking it on its maiden voyage soon so I can see how to manage grass with the Slayer Propel peddle drive.


  1. I own both a lizard lick propel 13 slayer and a 12.5 propel mariner. My problem is trying to find the flat clip for the mariner that you slide the seat up under. theres 4 total , somehow during one of my travels one came loose along with the 2 plugs for under the seat. where came i find these parts i need? need some help..

    1. Hey Mike, Could you please send some pictures of the parts to There are a few too many pieces on the seat so I’m not 100% sure what you’re referring to – with the pictures I’d be able instantly identify them. If we have the parts in inventory we’ll get them to you right away and if not, we’ll special order which would take about 1-2 weeks to ship.