About the author: Having learned freshwater kayak fishing from books, videos and a part time working relationship with the Yak Gear Paddlesport Company, Terry Sturtevant has moved past the shoreline and canoe fishing to a new obsession, kayak fishing. Terry states he has never fished the ocean from a kayak but he would like to someday. You can find Terry at @kayakfishingfvr on Twitter.

Here in Upstate New York, there are not many kayak stores selling big name kayaks and accessories. My first fishing kayak was purchased about 7 years ago. I bought some leashes and paddle holders for it from Yak Gear. Time past, so I checked their site again and BAM! I wanted The Railblaza System.

I did internet research and also spoke to Bill Bragman, owner of Yak Gear, on the phone. At that time, Yak Gear was the only US seller. If you don’t know, Railblaza is imported from New Zealand. With Yak Gear’s recommendations and the product’s install instructions included, I was setting up for kayak fishing versatility!

Let me show you the heart of this system:

The Railblaza Starport Mount.
The Railblaza StarPort Mount.

These are the regular base mounts, called StarPorts. Notice the multi-point star recess. The entire system is centered around the star shape in the port. This means every accessory that Railblaza sells will fit any of the ports. As an alternative to the basic Starport, there are also SidePorts and RailMount mounts. RailMounts fit kayaks with round side bar handles, like the Hobie Pro Angler has. They come in two different sizes: a 19 mm wide and 32 mm wide.

On my first kayak, I mounted one mount at the bow and another at the stern. At the stern I can insert the day time Safety Flag. I have never felt safer daytime fishing as I do now. High speed bass boats can see me long before they can get to me.

Hobie Pro Angler

This is a great shot: you have a stern mounted safety flag using a RailMount with additional RailMounts and basic StarPort Mounts along the sides of the kayak as well. But here is the interesting thing…that flag and the rod holder could swap positions. Okay, who in there right mind wants a rod holder at the stern? But two flags for safety on busy waters might not be a bad idea…

On the bow is a rounded base with a Adjustable Extender and a square Rotating Platform. Put a GoPro there. Actually, the camera can go anywhere because of the star mounts. ACK offers a variety of camera mounts and booms – put them anywhere you want for the angles you need.

On that same Rotating Platform, you could install your fish finder, GPS, or a forward mounted rod holder. I hope you’re getting the versatility thing here. I love this stuff. In the water, I can move my camera and rod from port to starboard – in about 30 seconds!

For night fishing I put the TelePole with a Navisafe 360 Degree Light where the safety flag was…

Navisafe LED Light Mounted on the TelePole.
Navisafe LED Light Mounted on the TelePole.

The Navisafe 360 Degree Light is LED and battery operated. It offers a few setting options. All LEDs on, flashing for emergency and more. And this thing floats!

Here are more pics and variety:


Above is a Rod Holder II and can you see the long Camera Boom? A quick switch and the camera is now port side. Don’t forget, you can do this on the water.

That Rod Holder II is on a 5 Inch StarPort Extender to raise it up, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here is a good side note about the Railblaza Rod Holder II: they sell only one model because it’s the only model you’ll need. It accommodates fly rods, bait casters, spinning rods and surf casting rods with butt sizes up to 1.2.”


Here my old kayak has two G-Holds in the base mounts. G-Holds can strap down your pole anchor (one of my favorites,) a spare paddle or push pole. Some duck hunters hold their shotguns in the G-Hold’s while paddling to their favorite spot.

I often place a flash light or battery operated red green navigation light on the forward G-hold for evening outings. Check your local regulations for paddle powered boat lighting requirements. 


How about rod for security when you smash through the breakers?

Railblaza has applications for canoes, SUP and inflatable Rib Boats! Yeah, even your ATV needs a safety flag.

I’m constantly thinking of new ways to move my accessories around the kayak. Like pointing the rod holder to the stern and slow trolling a Jitterbug near the shoreline. If you can’t tell yet, I love this system as much as I love fishing! The versatility, the quick changes, the one style rod holder, and relocating my GPS.

So check out all the possibilities with ACK’s lineup of Railblaza kayak fishing accessories. If you need something that is not on the site, ask and they can get it for you with a quick call to their customer service team.

Railblaza is GREAT stuff. For more clarity, you can give this ACK video a watch:

Railblaza. Easy install. Variety. Versatility.