Don’t settle for the same old stocking-stuffers! I’ve picked out five goodies that are sure to wow any lover of the outdoors when they dig into their stocking this holiday season!

Remember, if you don’t find what you’re looking for below, there are plenty more stocking stuffers to be found in the ACK 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.

1. Outside Inside Holiday Ornaments

Paddling enthusiasts will love to have one of these Outside Inside Ornaments reflecting their adventures on the water whether it by canoe, kayak or raft. For less than $10, give your favorite paddler a symbol of their favorite pastime to hang wherever they like!

Outside Inside Holiday Ornaments


2. LuminAid Inflatable Solar Powered Lantern

The LuminAID Light packs flat, is highly portable, and is water-resistant. Charge it in the sun for 6-7 hours and it’ll deliver up to 16 hours of LED light. It easily inflates using a valve and diffuses light like a lantern. Need I say more? Any paddler would love to have a couple of these floating next to them during their next night paddle, and for only $20, why not? 

LuminAid Inflatable Solar Powered Lantern

3. Light My Fire FireSteel Scout Fire Starter

Very popular among survival experts, hunters, fishermen and campers, the FireSteel Portable Fire Starter makes a perfect stocking addition. Easy to use, compact and lightweight, the FireSteel is a fun yet practical gift any outdoors man or woman will surely appreciate.  Throw this one into the stocking for just over $10.

Light My Fire FireSteel Scout Fire Starter

4. Adventure Medical Kits SOL Survival Blanket

For $5, ensure a certain outdoor enthusiast is prepared for their next adventure by topping off their stocking with this palm sized SOL Survival Blanket. As the most advanced emergency blanket on the market  this blanket will keep you warm when you need it to plus serve as a ground cloth, gear cover and more.

Adventure Medical Kits SOL Survival Blanket 1-2 Person

5.  Headlamps

Lights are important for every lover of the outdoors and a good headlamp is hard to beat, plus just the right size for a stocking. Whether you’re shopping for someone’s first or gifting them an upgrade (like one that’s waterproof or rechargeable), ACK has a wide range of brands, models and prices to choose from.

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

6.* Yaktrax Pro Winter Shoe Traction Device

Know someone that could use some help staying on their own two feet when it comes to venturing onto ice & snow? Drop some Yaktrax into their stockings and they’ll be very grateful! These easy to use traction devices slip on and off the bottom of  the user’s shoes and provide greater traction whether their walking a few miles or to the mailbox.

Yaktrax Pro Winter Shoe Traction Device

*I know I said five, but since only a portion of the country experiences weather that would make #6 useful I figured this one doesn’t completely count 🙂