KayakerSo how do you know when you’re officially a kayaker? Here’s a few ways you can tell:

You Might Be a Kayaker If…

  1. You can’t drive by a body of water without looking for a put-in.
  2. You can identify make and model of a car topped kayak from a quarter mile away.
  3. You divide your life into kayaking days and working days.
  4. You base career decisions on whether the new job will increase or decrease paddling time.
  5. You don’t have any space in your garage because it’s full of paddling gear.
  6. You buy new clothes not by how good they look but by how fast they’ll dry.
  7. The roof of your car has tan lines.
  8. You buy a car based on it’s ability to transport a kayak.
  9. You keep your kayak on your rig so you don’t forget where you parked.
  10. You have used your kayak as a sled.
  11. You wonder why car designers put the radio antennae sticking up on top of a car when that’s where the kayak goes.
  12. Every big rain or report of flooding, makes you think “I should check the river levels”.
  13. Every time you want a snack you have to dig out one of your “dry sacks.”
  14. You know the difference between a PFD and a PDF.
  15. You’ve ever paddled when there’s ice floating next to you.
  16. Every time you’re out paddling you compare equipment and modification ideas with others.
  17. You buy a “Pool Noodle” every time you go to Walmart.
  18. Your license plate has anything to do with kayaking.
  19. Your car door has kayak dings and your kayak has car door dings.
  20. You fall asleep in your bed feeling like you’re still floating on the river.
  21. Your paddle hangs on your living room wall.
  22. You sit in your kayak in the living room in the dead of winter and watch kayaking movies.
  23. You have nose plugs hanging from your rear view mirror.
  24. You’re old friends with a great blue heron.
  25. You’re all dressed up and don’t notice you’re being rained on.
  26. You visit to ACK’s recently added products everyday just to see what’s new.
  27. You study Launch Points in the dead, snowy winter for future put-ins.
  28. You own multiple boats but are still looking for the next perfect one.
  29. You are considering opening a canoe & kayak rental shop with your personal fleet after you retire.
  30. Your wardrobe is comprised mostly of high performance polyester shirts and zippered fishing pants.
  31. You get depressed because it has rained 5 days in a row, so you get out your rain gear and go paddle anyways.
  32. Your boat is long than your car.
  33. You rent propane heaters in the middle of winter so you can work on your ‘yak in the garage before the good weather comes in.
  34. You’ve learned how much easier it is to launch from the shore when there’s snow on the ground.
  35. You’ve made your own paddling gear.
  36. You have both a roof rack AND a kayak trailer. Because one or the other wasn’t enough.
  37. You own more kayaks than you can count on one hand.
  38. Your New Year’s Resolution is paddling related. Like one of these five common ones.

Help grow our list by adding more your “You might be a kayaker if…” with a comment below. Happy paddling!