Put the Bulky Paddle Away & Fish!

Backwater Assault Hand Paddle
The Backwater Assault Hand Paddle

The Backwater Assault Paddle has landed at ACK! This new paddling accessory has been grabbing the attention of kayak anglers because of the versatility it provides for fishing. Meant for short distances or adjusting position, the Backwater Hand Paddle won’t replace your favorite go-to kayaking paddle, but it will let you put it down when you’d rather be holding onto your fishing rod.

When to Use the Backwater Assault Paddle

Many paddler’s first thought after seeing the Backwater Assault Paddle is WHY? What’s the benefit of using this versus a normal kayak paddle? The key thing to remember is that the Backwater Assault Paddle isn’t meant to replace a normal kayak paddle, it’s meant to supplement.

Compared to a normal sized paddle, a hand paddle is much more effective at moving just a few feet or adjusting the position of your boat in that it only requires a small amount of space and a single hand. No high angle two handed paddle strokes required. Plus, while you’re adjusting your position using the hand paddle with one hand, your other hand can still be holding on to your rod!

The hand paddle in action.
The hand paddle in action.

The Backwater Assault Paddle also has a built in hook that is useful for grabbing on to a dock to pull yourself in or for retrieving your line and you can use the serrated edge of the paddle to push off shore or any tree roots you find yourself up against. It’s slim profile makes it’s easy to tuck next to your seat or at your feet to keep it handy but without taking up too much additional space.

All in all, the Backwater Assault Paddle is a great addition for anglers looking to make their kayak fishing outings even smoother. It’s not something you’ll pull out until you get to your fishing spot, but once you put to action you’ll be glad you have it!

See more information about it here: https://www.austinkayak.com/products/13761/Backwater-Paddles-Assault-Hand-Paddle.html?utm_source=ackblog&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=blog