As Marketing Director at ACK it is my responsibility to make sure that customers come to us for all of their paddling and outdoor gear needs. The better I do my job the more orders customers place on The more orders that are placed the harder our warehouse staff has to work to keep our promise to our customers…every order ships the same day!

In an effort to understand and appreciate just how hard our warehouse employees work I spent the entire day in the warehouse at the ACK fulfillment center. I thought I would share the ways our team ensures top-notch service in the 10 Ways to Satisfy a Customer.

  1. We do our own holiday shopping! Our merchandising team keeps up with customer feedback and the latest trends to ensure we offer the products our customers want. Check out the latest goodies.
  2. Double check we get what our customers ask for! As the merchandise comes into our warehouse we count each and every item and make sure it is in perfect condition.
  3. Do the heavy lifting! Receiving a shipment of kayaks is no easy undertaking. We have a system enabling employees to unload a 18-wheeler with close to 100 boats in under 30 minutes. No, you can’t hire our guys to help you move; they are busy helping our customers. You can check out how it is done here.
  4. Take care of the merchandise! We carefully put the merchandise away in a safe place until a customer places an order.
  5. Picking the right Items! Once a customer places an order we pick the items from their specific location in the warehouse. Our team makes sure they are handled with care.
  6. Send customers what they ordered! We take pride in making sure each and every customers gets exactly what they ordered.
  7. Send it to the right place! You would be surprised how often other companies can’t get this right. We don’t have robots processing orders. We have a team of people who care about our customers and make sure everything is sent to the right address.
  8. Wrap it up! We ship a lot of kayaks. Have you ever tried to ship one of those things!? Bubble wrap, tape, bubble wrap, tape, bubble wrap, tape…. You get the idea. We make sure that every single kayak that goes out the door is packed for maximum protection.
  9. Use an Ugly Box! We love our customers, and we also love our environment. We re-use old boxes to help reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfills. Customers will know if their shipment contributed to the environment because we slap an “Ugly Box” sticker on it.
  10. Get it there on time! Those same people I mentioned before ensure every order goes out the same day. They take pride in this, and I dare you to challenge them.

Now that I have shared the “10 ways to satisfy a customer” I need to go back to marketing so I can make my new friends in the warehouse work even harder. It is my job to challenge them with every new customer that shops at It is everyone’s job to make sure our customers are satisfied.