The Moken 14 Continues to Impress for Offshore Kayak Fishing

Feel Free Kayaks pro-staffer “Scribs” Perry submitted this report from the Florida coast, giving us another reason why the Moken 14 rocks for offshore kayak fishing. Here’s what he had to say:

Launched into the gulf in Navarre,  FL around 10:30. We had a steady north wind blowing at our backs that kept the surf knocked down. After crossing the last sandbar the swells got pretty bad. We trolled cigar minnows heading out to the snapper spot. About a mile from the launch I got a king to hit my rig. He smoked off line for awhile till I could get him turned. Took about seven minutes to get him in the yak. The 40 inch king was a nice start.

Got out to the first snapper spot about two and half miles out. Hooked up and landed a 25 inch red snapper and released some smaller ones. Paddled out to the second spot which put us three miles out. Quickly hooked up with something that made short work of my 50# line. Ended up landing another keeper snapper and released some others.

The paddle out was into some rough stuff. We dealt with swells and winds.  At times we had white caps out there. The Moken 14 cut through the wind and waves with ease. Never felt I was overmatched by mother nature. The Moken took me out, got the fish and brought me back.

"Scrib" Perry showing off his offshore kayak fishing catch.
“Scrib” Perry showing off his offshore kayak fishing catch.