Kayak Anglers from Team Ocean Kayak are Showing Power Boaters They Mean Business

As the battle between kayak anglers and motorized boaters rages on, those of us on the kayaking side of things were awarded a recent victory when Clint Barghi and Aaron Stillwagon from Team Ocean Kayak took home not one, but two tournament victories in one day. The kicker? They were the only two kayaks entered into the two different events!

Aaron and Clint with their redfish at the Chorizo weigh-in.
Aaron and Clint with their redfish at the Chorizo weigh-in.

Tearing Up the Coast for Two Simultaneous Events

It must have been luck that the Chorizo Redfish Tournament and Galveston Redfish Series took place on the same day in relatively the same area. Clint and Aaron entered both and got their two redfish early (totaling 14.60 lbs) despite some heavy rain and winds. The pair had to fight these conditions with their paddles for the majority of the afternoon and, despite the great catches, said it rated as one of the 3 worst fishing trips they had ever endured.

Using their live wells, Clint and Aaron were able to keep their redfish alive for both weigh-ins, taking 1st in the Chorizo Redfish Tournament and 3rd in the Galveston Redfish Series. Wow! Again, these two were the ONLY kayaks entered into both tournaments.

Stories like this one shows just how effective kayaks can be when it comes to fishing. You don’t need to drop $1,000’s on a new shiny power boat to get to where the fish are – just get a kayak! We’ll be here waiting with kayak fishing gear when you’re ready.┬áTo find out more about what models and gear Aaron and Clint were using, visit Team Ocean Kayak’s Facebook page.