According to STELLAService, ACK Customer Service isn’t just Excellent – it’s Elite!

STELLAService Badge
STELLAService Badge

You may have noticed the STELLAService badge decorating the bottom of our homepage along with our other awards. Today, we’re proud to announce that it has changed, now designating Customer Service from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Elite’!

What does this mean exactly?

Not to toot our own horn, but it means our Customer Relationship Team is impressing some people out there! In particular, it impressed STELLAService, a third party, independent company that rates customer service performance of online businesses. They send secret shoppers out to evaluate the shopping experience of different sites – actually ordering, returning and interacting with customer service representatives. Their goal is to recognize websites that not only appreciate your business, but value your overall shopping experience as well.

We’re both proud and honored to have attained their highest level rating and hope that you find similar satisfaction shopping with us. We’ll continue to do our best in setting ourselves apart from our competitors with top rated service for readers and customers like you.