Predator Kayaks

The Predator 13 and Predator MX,  from Old Town Canoes and Kayaks are sleek and innovative fishing platforms that offer a lot of great features for kayak anglers of all types. Saltwater bays and marshes, open ocean, freshwater lakes, streams, rivers, or small ponds, the Predator kayak can do it all. What is the point of offering two different models, you might ask? Well, let’s take a look at both boats and focus in on some distinguishing characteristics and differences between the two new models.

Predator Kayak - 13

Predator 13:

  • Designed for Larger Bodies of Water – With an elongated bow keel line, the Predator 13 is able to take on the more adverse conditions you may encounter on larger bodies of water, such as larger wind chop or surf, due to its superior tracking ability. Large lakes, bay systems, and the open ocean are the perfect playing grounds for the Predator 13.
  • Rod Pod Storage Hatch – This elongated hatch that is found in the front deck space is only found on the Predator 13 and is designed to give you the ability to stow away smaller rods and reels while out on the water. The top of the hatch offers multiple mounting locations for electronics, rod holders and other accessories.
  • Large Bow Hatch – A perfect place to store larger items that you’d like to take with you on your trips. It is fairly easy to take off the hatch and store items such as tents or folding camp chairs in the large cavity found in the Predator 13’s bow.
  • Rudder Capable – To help increase the performance of the Predator 13 on larger bodies of water, you have the ability to mount a rudder on the rear handle. With this essential piece of equipment, it will be much easier to tackle strong crosswinds and currents that you can experience in wide open areas. The Predator 13 Rudder Kit is available at

Predator Kayaks - MX

Predator MX:

  • Designed for Smaller Bodies of Water – Unlike the Predator 13, the Predator MX does not feature the elongated bow keel line that is needed for those long paddles on large, open areas. Instead, the MX has a more rounded hull that helps make it more maneuverable on bodies of water that are smaller and have more moving water. Small lakes, gentle rivers and streams are where this boat shines.
  • Uncluttered Deck Space – With nothing on the floor of the deck, you will find a large space to move about freely and stand facing whichever direction you care to without having to be mindful of anything tripping you up.
  • Maneuverability – At only 12 feet long, the Predator is perfect for navigating tight quarters where the ability to turn easily can be key. Couple the shorter length with the rounded hull design and you have a kayak that can pretty much explore all the little nooks and crannies you always wanted to access, and still be able to turn around and get back out easily.

As similar as these two boats are, they are still two very different kayaks suited to various types of fishing and water bodies. No matter what conditions are out there, you can rest assure that one of these two awesome new fishing kayaks will tackle whatever you throw at them!



  1. Retiring soon. Traveling throughout the NW U.S. staying at all the pretty places. Have 3/4 T. short bed Dodge Ram pulling a fifth wheel trailer with an auto slider hitch. Am considering a U.S.Rack on top of cab with Malone sideways kayak holders. Would 2 Predator 13’s fit up there and ride nicely?

    1. Sounds like the trip of a dream! I love it if you would share pictures from your travels on our Facebook page I would suggest against using a side loader such as the the Malone J-loader, only because they have a weight capacity of 75lbs. At 86 pounds (without any gear) your Predator 13’s are too heavy. For your trip, a cradle style rack that allows you to fit the kayaks flat is a much better option. Just make sure to look for something with wide cross bars to fit both kayaks flat on top!

    1. Good Morning Bo, When it comes to the Predator 13, I typically recommend the following:


      Please let us know what you think of these. We’d be happy to give you any assistance needed while on the hunt for a paddle.

  2. Thanks so much for the info! one more question… I know that the 13 comes with a hummingbird transducer scupper, can I mount a garmin or lowrance fish finder with that or does it have to be a hummingbird??

    1. Hey Bo-

      You can mount a Garmin or A Lowrance, but the transducer would likely need to sit a bit lower than the scupper hole, depending on the actual transducer. If you have the standard Lowrance transducer it would be fine and it will sit almost flush with the bottom of the kayak. Please let me know if this answered your question. Thank you!

  3. Can you mount fish finders on the MX as well?? I like the open deck of the MX, but like the fact that the 13 comes with the transducer scupper. Is it just as easy to mount a fish finder on the MX and if so, how do you got about mounting one?

  4. Hello! I really like the mx,but I’m wondering if it would be stable enough for a river like north branch susquehanna river in PA? I’m not a big guy, about 5’9″ and 150. I just really like the idea of an opened deck without any obstructions.not in need of a center console. Also, is there anything more stable to stand on and fish from that these sweet yaks? As far as kayaks and such. Thank you and have a great day.

    1. Hey Hubert-

      Because of its width, the MX is actually a bit more stable than the later. This boat is a great option for larger rivers and lakes. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      1. i have tried wilderness systems ride 115 the native slayer 12 amd feelfrees lure 11.5 and none of them are as stable as the predator. am more of a newbie to all this and i tried them out and was amazed at the stability of the predators

        1. Glad to read your post I just sold a ride 115 which was very stable but really liked the predator mx the flat floor for my fly fishing is gonna be better ten the ride and to hear you say the mx is more stable then the ride 115 is awesome to hear thanks for the input

  5. Will be kayaking and fishing on a 60-80 acre lake. Which kayak is best suited? Can I stand with both or is one easier or more stable for standing to fish? Do they paddle the same or one easier than another?

    1. i can tell you that both paddle very easy and i can stand up in both just fine and i have never stood in a kayak before i tried them. both easy. just comes down to if you want the open deck or the rod pod

    2. Hey John-

      For what you are paddling I’d recommend the Predator MX because it’s a bit more maneuverable on smaller bodies of water. The easier paddling can be attributed to the rounded hull. The boat is smaller than the latter yet it’s still a good enough size where you are able to comfortably stand up and look about for fish.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding these awesome boats. Have an awesome Saturday and we hope to hear from you again.

  6. Looking at both kayaks it is difficult to see how they will be carried deck down, on a Yakima roof rack. The seat brackets may make it difficult and require more distance under bar to the vehicle’s roof.
    If carried hull down would this work with any of the Yakima fixtures?
    What does ACK recommend for carrying on a roof rack?

  7. I fish the jame river in va along with lakes also. The james has alot of shallow rocks barely underwater and also some swift water. I’m 6’7″ 230 lbs I’ve had my eyes on the 13 cause im big and fish everything lakes, rivers even ocean at times should i stick with the 13 or look into the mx? I go tomorrow to make a final decision.

  8. I’m looking for a good platform for photography, including the ability to use a tripod. The MX, with its uncluttered foredeck, looks like an ideal candidate for that duty!