Kayak Fishing Resources Lead to a Great Catch!
Jerron shows off his kayak bass fishing catch.

Coastal Woes

Having lived by the coast for nearly 20 years, I naturally tend to  gravitate towards saltwater kayak fishing (especially offshore kayak fishing). Now that I have live in Austin, the coast is a 3+ hour drive which requires trips to be planned out in advance. Lately, I have been suffering from pretty bad saltwater fishing withdrawal. In order to get my kayak fishing fix, I have had to revert back to what I was raised on…bass fishing. Thankfully, even Central Texas is full of fishing opportunities and I was able to utilize a number of online kayak fishing resources to help me some great spots.

Going Online to Get Local Kayak Fishing Resources

Austin has numerous surrounding lakes to hit up on the weekends but the problem is deciding which one to visit. First, I started  by checking Texas Parks and Wildlife to get an idea of what was in the area. They have several resources available for local paddlers that offer detailed information on certain lakes and designated  Texas paddling trails, including types of fish species to expect and even tips for anglers for each location.  Once I had idea of what my options were, I hit the ACK sponsored local kayak fishing forum, TexasKayakFisherman.com, hoping to see what other like minded anglers recommended. I’ve used the Texas Kayak Fisherman Forum in the past because it brings together anglers from all over Texas, including my old haunting grounds in Houston.

After my research, I discovered a little community of lakes that pepper the landscape around North Austin. Most of these bodies of water range in size from 25-50 acres and offer suitable paddling conditions. Now, after a long day of work, I easily get out on the water to help soothe some of my offshore woes. And, of course, catching fish is icing on the cake (even though bass don’t pull any where near as strong as say a 40 pound cobia). With each trip, all of the knowledge I acquired growing up comes rushing back to me. It’s like riding a bike for the first time in several years…once you know, you never forget.

I encourage you to go online to find local kayak fishing resources in your area. If there’s good fishing in your area, there’s usually a forum and often one dedicated specifically to kayak fishing!

Jerron @ACK