Fall Kayak Fishing in a Native Ultimate.
Taking advantage of the Fall Kayak Fishing Season.

If you can believe it, September is here, and bringing along with it the start to the fall kayak fishing season. It’s a favorite time of the year for many anglers, with comfortably cool temperatures, quieter waterways and in many places great fishing. It’s also a last opportunity to enjoy the sport for many who plan to put their kayak into winter hibernation. In preparation, it’s important to gear up right and I’ve got three tips to help you do just that.

An Early Sunset Can Cut Fall Kayak Fishing Short, Unless You Have Lights

I try to go paddling at least once a week after work with my coworker Jeremy and we’ve been noticing lately that we are lucky to be on the water for an hour and a half before the sun goes down. As the days get shorter, those of us who like to to squeeze in paddling time throughout the week are going to need extra light to extend our stay on the water. Do do this,  a kayak fishing light is definitely the way to go.

Fall Kayak Fishing Lights
A good set of fishing lights can extend your time on the water.

Give our kayak lighting section a check and be sure to take a look at the new kayak fishing light options from Wildcat Lighting that we’ve added recently. Anyone night fishing should review the laws in their area regarding watercraft lighting after dark, as many will require that you have a 360 degree white light like the Visicarbon Light from YakAttack.

Layer To Protect Yourself From Cooler Fall Temperatures

Fall isn’t going to mean immediate cold weather by any means but most paddlers will start to notice a steady drop in temperature. The best way to face this is with layers. Start by slipping a base layer under your summer fishing shirt and invest in something to cover your legs like Columbia’s Midweight Tights. For my fall base layer, I’m eyeing Bomber Gear’s Halo long sleeve shirt to replace my Columbia PFG Freezer Zero shirt.

When things start to cool down even more, you’re going to want to look into splash and dry wear that you can add over these base layers. Take a look at our Cold Weather Paddling Layering Guide for tips on how to best do this.

The Buff Hoodie Thermal Pro
The Buff Hoodie Thermal Pro

Just Because It’s Cold Doesn’t Mean The Sun Don’t Shine

Ok, so this one kind of goes against my first tip but it’s not as if everyone’s schedule is going to restrict them to fishing in the evenings. Weekend warriors who hit the water on a Saturday for a full day of fishing  need to remember that just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean sun protection isn’t important. Luckily, covering up for the sun and colder weather go hand in hand.

Look for apparel with UPF ratings on them like the Hot Fuzz Fleece Top (another good base layer option) and stuff that will cover your hands and face. Buff is the standard when it comes to head protection, and their new Buff Thermal Pro Hoodie just landed at ACK, great for keeping you warm, comfortable and protected from the sun while you fish. Definitely check it out!

Now Get To Fishing!

So there you have it, three ways to make sure you take advantage of fall kayak fishing season. Of course, the best thing you can do to learn what you need by going out and doing it. Note how you feel before, during and after your next paddle. Did you catch yourself shivering? Was it cut short by an early sunset? Maybe it went perfect. Whatever the case, ACK.com is here to help you make sure that you don’t miss out on this last opportunity to fish before winter!