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Made for paddlers.

The name North Water isn’t anything new in the world of paddlesports or to In fact, the Vancouver based manufacturer is a widely known brand among experts and professionals in the field of paddling and professional rescue. The reason? Their variety of specialized products to help keep users comfortable, safe & organized come with a guarantee – that North Water products are made by experienced professionals with a dedication to quality.

Safety is the Solution to Help Prevent a Problem

The company got it’s start as a response to tragedy. Founder & owner, Lindsay Merchant witnessed his friend and paddling partner in a life ending canoeing accident. Afterwards, he found the resolve to take paddling safety seriously resulting in the design of his first product. He had this to say in a recent interview for the North Water blog:

“From the beginning we have designed all North Water safety and rescue gear to be as effective and reliable as possible , always with an emphasis on custom designing related to the specific needs of a paddler, being able to keep turning that product out in record time while making it last beyond the life of the paddler. I think water rescue is as dynamic as its environment, so I often tend to over engineer what I build, trying to make it work for as many different scenarios as possible.” – Lindsay Merchant

Today, they’ve designed a wide range of paddling safety equipment which can be found at, all with  glowing reviews from our customers. Take a look for yourself – not a single product has less than four out of five stars!

North Water Designs For Paddlers With Specific Needs

Interior Mounted Cockpit Bag
Not something you’ll find at Walmart.

A browse through the’s selection of North Water products and it quickly becomes clear that these are some very niche products designed by people who know paddling. Need a tow line that puts the strain on a kayak’s coaming rather than the paddler? What about interior mounted cockpit bags for sit-inside paddlers not wearing a spray skirt? Each product is made to serve specific needs for paddlers.

One of their more unique products is the 4 Play Paddle Float, which serves not one but, as its name implies, four different purposes beneficial to paddlers. It functions as a paddle float, camp chair, extra sleeping cushion for camping and protective padding for your kayak. See it in action in this video:

So paddlers, what’s your need? Take a look & see if there’s a North Water product for it. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on our site, comment below – we want to know, plus we always have the option to put in a special order! Ask us about their custom made Canoe Spray Deck too – with a 2-3 week turnaround time they can build exactly what you need.