Zydeco Kayak
Zydeco kayak on a river trip.

We often receive the question, “What’s the best first kayak for me to buy?” It’s a hard one to answer without more information. Typically, ACK responds with more questions like “What are you trying to do with it?”, “What kind of transportation do you have?”, “What’s your price range?”, etc. Even then though, the customer may just not know or aren’t sure exactly what answers to give. This is when we start pointing them towards products like the Dagger Zydeco¬†kayak.

Why the Zydeco Kayak?

The Dagger Zydeco kayak comes in a 9 ft option & 11 ft option and could best be described as a “jack of all trades & master of none”. It’s a great recreational sit-inside kayak that performs well in flat and moving water, is lightweight & easy to carry, has a roomy, comfortable cockpit and comes at a great price point. It isn’t the fastest kayak around nor does it have a ton rigging ability but it certainly is a great place to start!

See more about it in this video from Dagger:

Stop Borrowing Your Friend’s Kayak and Get a Zydeco!

One customer wrote in with a review of the 9ft Zydeco kayak, sharing that, after being introduced to kayaking by his friend, he finally took the plunge and bought his first kayak and landed on the Zydeco.

“After a summer of repeatedly borrowing my friends Perception Carolina 12 I started feeling like a bum and broke out the wallet to get my own. I did a ton of research and went with the Zydeco 9. I wanted a smaller boat that was easy to maneuver and steer through rocky areas of the rivers where I live and this boat was great. VERY responsive yet tracks well with a little paddling technique. Im sure Ill learn to keep it straight as I could barely keep the 12 footer in a straight line when I first started. I am so pleased with this boat that I am saving now for a second one so that friends of mine without them can come along for the paddles. Also, I looked into several other cheaper kayaks like the Perception Swifty, and went with this one as the difference in price is less than it would have cost me to replace the seat with one that wouldnt wreck my back. I have lower back issues and this seat is way more comfortable than some of the $800 and up kayaks I’ve used before. HOW I USE IT: – Flat water lakes and rivers – Flowing rivers – Class 1 rapids open, class 2 rapids with a skirt PROS: – SUPER COMFORTABLE SEAT! – Very light and easy to load on a roof yet short enough to fit in a truck bed or the back of an SUV. – Plenty of room on the sides of the seat for a hydration pack, cockpit bags or small soft cooler for snacks. – Very easy to maneuver through obstacles and turns on a dime. – Tracks well and gets up there in speed for its length. – Room for dry bags or a deck back if going on trips lasting longer than a day. – Drain plug. – Thigh pads. – Stable as all get out! – Carry handles are easy on the hands. CONS: – Takes on some water in rougher paddling. I would recommend a skirt for anything over class 1 rapids. – For some reason the cup holder is UNDER THE SEAT! Makes zero sense. – Paddle holder pops loose every now and then but it was an easy fix with the paddle clip I got from this site. BOTTOM LINE: – I highly recommend this boat to any new to the sport or intermediate paddler that is looking for a very nimble boat on the water thats easy to transport. – Perfect for a starter, second, or spare boat… especially for the price.” – Starks

Want to Learn More?

So if you’re thinking about making your first kayak purchase, give the Zydeco¬†kayak a look. If you’re still not convinced that it’s the one for you, comment below with any questions you might have!