We’re always adding new products and we are even more excited when we can bring a new brand into the fold. The outdoor industry is constantly evolving with new technologies for lighter, more resilient fabrics and ways to design a product that will better fit the needs of the outdoor enthusiast. A brand we are very excited about is ExpedThey’ve been around since the 20th century (1997 to be exact) and they manufacture high-quality camping gear for everyone from the enthusiast to the expert. Exped prides themselves in thorough testing, superb craftsmanship and durable quality.

Recently, I was able to unpack and “play with” some of their sleeping pads, which all pack down nicely into sacks and come with a variety of pumping methods, whether that be a little mini-pump that packs neatly into the sack and works well with the pad, or self-inflating methods that are easy to use and super fast to setup. When you’re out camping and want to get some rest, you want it sooner rather than later, right?

They also make some unique products like their Chaps, which can help protect your legs from wind, dirt, rain and can even help you keep a pair of pants clean should you need to save space in your pack and not take as much clothing along with you. They’d work perfectly with Exped’s Bivy Poncho, which fits over a pack while wearing it as a poncho and can be used for many different purposes like a bivy, a poncho, a rain collector or even a sail should you choose to use it as such!

One of their products that has received a considerable amount of attention is the Dreamwalker Sleeping Bag. Admittedly, the first time I saw the photo in the office, I audibly laughed. C’mon! Its a funny looking photo! Once I got beyond that, however, I realized this is actually a pretty unique product and way better than the walking sleeping bag you might’ve seen in Skymall… Now Icould go on expounding its merits, but Exped made a video for it so I will let that speak for itself.

Gear up for your camping with some new Exped products. We stand behind ’em and can’t wait to hear what you think about ’em.

-Trent @ ACK