At, we strive to offer the best selection of outdoor products so that we can Outfit Your Adventure. That means working and coordinating with brands to make sure that what you want is only a click away. This month we wanted to share a little about our Merchandising Assistant,¬†Erin Holifield, who works directly with over 250 companies to ensure we have and keep their products in stock. If you ever spend a day in the ACK office, you’ll undoubtedly hear Erin cheerfully chatting away with one of our vendors about purchase orders, ship dates or maybe just how their week is going.

Erin has been with ACK for close to ten months after joining in June of 2012. While she’s got plenty of experience in retail previous to ACK, she was particularly excited about the opportunity to move from store front operations to the more logistical side of business. She comes from Arkansas where she attended the University of Arkansas and received her Bachelors Degree in Human Environmental Studies (with a focus on fashion & merchandising). After a brief stint in New York, Erin found herself in Austin, a city she had become familiar with because of events like ACL, one of the nations most sought after music festivals. She’s an avid road cyclist and has been commuting to work on her bike for a while now. Between riding, a strength training program at her gym called Body Pump and ACK events like the upcoming Demo Days, Erin stays plenty active!

Her main responsibility at ACK is to maintain relationships with our vendors, ranging from small family run operations to huge manufacturers, and ensure that their shipments are received in a timely and accurate manner. On average, she coordinates and monitors around fifty shipments each day to our warehouse and decides what to do when someone sends too little or too much product our way.

Her favorite aspect of the job? Erin loves the casual environment of the ACK workplace and says it’s very relaxed compared to previous jobs. Working with good people, casual dress codes and plenty of friendly banter, I have to agree — it’s a fun place to be!

Joseph @ ACK