From All-star KATS Intern Johanna Kraus-Darden:

The 60 Anglers of Fayette proudly raising up their Hawg Troughs

The looming mist of Lake Fayette had KATS anglers questioning spring storms and unpredictable temperatures… Luckily you don’t need to see through fog to catch Bass below your kayak!   Paddling out at 7:00 am in 40 degrees and rain, then fishing for 8 hours on end requires devotion to the spirit of KATS.  But for these guys it’s no problem, all a part of the sport for these talented anglers.  Fortunately for everyone, the day progressed from a muggy morning to an awesomely warm afternoon, with 60 fishermen and fish tales caught on camera.

Tournament Director Kristian Kolflat with Divisional Winners

Our top finalists took home over $1000 in winnings: in the Pro Division, Matthew Moccia with 99.5 total inches and $682, Semi Pro Beau Reed hooked 90.25 inches for $165 and Rookie, Cody Fisseler with 88.25 inches.  In the Pro Division the payouts were as follows:

  1. Matthew Moccia – 99.5” Payout: $682
  2. Troy Lawson, 92.25” Payout: $409
  3. Michael Bayer, 96.75” Payout: $204 
  4. Brandon Campbell, 96” Payout: $68.25

Big Bass was a tie with three anglers reeling in a 22″ bass. Aaron Spry ended up taking the $470 pot with his second biggest tie-breaking bass of 20.5″!

Photo by Autumn Villanueva

The KATS tournament wouldn’t be possible without our big time Platinum sponsors at Lake Fayette Kistler Rods and Texas Kayak Guide.  Biggest gratitude is deserved to Patron Series Sponsors Malone Auto Racks, Bending Branches, Yak Gear and Kelty.   Also, a shout out to the guys from patron sponsor Diablo Paddlesports, grilling hotdogs and showing off their innovative kayak speakers and kayaks at Lake Fayette is exactly what we needed. Check out the website for our other sponsors to see who else will be hooking us up with DOOR PRIZES at next month’s event!

Photo by Autumn Villanueva

Lake Travis’ Pace Bend is our planned location for the April 27th KATS tournament.  The Commander 120 Kayak will be going home with someone at the event, so be sure to buy some raffle tickets!  Also, T-shirts are in! So if you pre-ordered one and didn’t pick it up at Lake Fayette, we will have them next month.  If you didn’t pre-order we MAY have some leftover for you straggling anglers.  For a full list of results, winnings and sponsors check our site at FISHKATS.COM and see you at Lake Travis!