Eric Groothoff is just a native Texan, single Dad kayaker & fisherman that calls Central Texas home. He is always on the lookout for a new haunt. Hope you enjoy his writing!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m ready to get out in the kayak I’m looking for a place that is close, has no traffic and plenty of fish.  Last weekend I decided to head out the the Lampasas River, which is not even 5 miles from the house, to catch a little dinner.  So I loaded up the Perception kayak and my kayak fishing gear then headed out.  Everybody has a little hole in the wall, a spot where you can relax and not be boxed in.  This is my hole in the wall.

I found my launching point by growing up the in the area and talking to different people.  Its off a major highway most wouldn’t think to stop, HWY 190 and the Lampasas River (I will submit the point to ACK launch point app).  Off I go with the kayak and fishing line trolling behind me, which is the easiest way to fish while paddling.  After a quarter-mile, I had to pull the kayak because the river was low, typical Texas. But after that, I had 2 miles of water high enough to float serenely and enjoy the view.

I did enjoy the peace and quiet, but all I managed to catch was an alligator gar and a couple of white bass, dinner indeed. You may not be able to head out here to my spot but, venture out to little known spots, take a chance- find your place off the beaten path.