Columbia has expanded their popular Drainmaker shoe line to include some unique new styles this year with design improvements.

Here are the styles we will be carrying:

These are great shoes for anyone who wants a multi-functional shoe that they do not have to worry about taking off when stepping into water. Excess water drains out of the shoe quickly through the sole and the materials are fast drying. The Boatdrain even incorporates Columbia’s Omni-Shield technology to resist stains on the upper part of the shoe!
Tired of always having to change from your nice everyday shoes into a pair of those annoying and uncomfortable water socks? Pick up a pair of Columbia water shoes and kiss that unwanted inconvenience goodbye!
Jerron @ACK


  1. I have used these as my go to fishing shoes for a while and the areas I frequent are nothing but sandy/shell bottoms. Haven’t had a problem yet! It really is amazing how fast they drain water out of the shoe. Even if you get some sediment inside the shoe or in the drain holes in the sole, it does not hamper it’s ability to shed the water. I am eyeballing the Powerdrains as a next purchase.

  2. Any idea how well these work if you’re walking in the river/lake/flats with lots of sediment or sandy/shell bottoms? Do they fill up with substrate?