The other night I had the new gear jitters, and I had them bad. I’m talking about the feeling you get after buying a new product that you just can’t wait to try out. The excitement builds and builds and you start seeing yourself performing all sorts of unrealistically hardcore outdoor wilderness skills and techniques that might not even involve the new piece of gear, but that’s okay because you invested in equipment so that means you’re an outdoor professional.

Then something clicks and you drift back down to earth but the excitement is still there. And you start asking yourself what will I actually be doing with this new toy? That’s when the internet research kicks in. And that means you’re not going to fall asleep for a while.

Well, the new toy I got was the Jetboil Flash Cooking System and it’s awesome. It’s considered a system because it contains your fuel (sold separately) , camping stove & cooking cup all in what looks like an over-sized coffee mug. It’s easy to use, boils water in about two minutes & even tells you when it’s ready with a color indicator on the side of the cooking cup.

I’m not going to even begin to tell you all the crazy awesome things I started to picture myself doing, but I did want to share where my research took me. I started by seeing what others were saying about it and how they were using it and one of the most helpful tips I found came from a YouTube user who created a camp cooking kit using the Flash, a 12×5 waterbottle holder and some other small accessories. I’ll be putting something similar to this together when I get some time.

The next thing I wanted to look for were good camp recipes I could create within the cooking cup without having to bother with additional cookware. The mug is 1 liter in volume. I started at JetBoil’s own website where they list user submitted ideas but I didn’t have a ton of luck. Then, I remembered a camp cooking blog I had spotlighted a while back and ended up finding some great ideas there! Here were a few I decided I’d have to try: Tuna & Veggie Rice Pilaf, Creamy Potato Soup, Breakfast Pistachio Rice Pudding and Cranberry Pear Compote.

I’m already coming up with excuses to get outside and am pestering all my friends to camping. It’s only a matter of time before I actually get to put this baby to use and I can’t wait! Until then…

Joseph @ACK