We recently brought a few new Yakima and Whispbar products and I thought a quick overview might be helpful.

Whispbar Mighty Mount 32H

The Whispbar Mighty Mount for the standard bar and the HD bar allows you to attach many of the stnadard Yakima rack accessories such as Land Sharks, Hully Rollers, High Rollers, and Kayak Stackers to the Whispbar cross rails.  The standard Whispbar mount is MightyMount 32H and the HD is 34H.

Yakima Arm Lock

The Yakima Arm Lock is a locking cable that secures your bike directly to the Yakima Double Down hitch racks.

For 2013 the Yakima Dry Dock has been improved, it now tilts away from the vehicle allowing for easier loading and also easier access the back of your car/truck without interfering.
Yakima Dry Dock

The Yakima Keel Over is a new product for this year and is somewhat similar to the Gunwale Bracket except this one mounts directy to factory roof rack bars. No need for a Yakima bar. This is a great item for people looking to carry a canoe without having to upgrade a stock rack system.

The Yakima Sprocket Rocket, High Roller, Hold Up, and Hold Up Plus have all received a makeover with new paint.  Nothing really new about them except that the HoldUp has been beefed up to take larger bikes, has a stronger pivot arm for a longer lifespan and now has side to side adjustability.
Jerron @ACK