The other day I took an opportunity to “go play” at Huntsville State Park with a couple of my good friends. The weather was typical of a winter day in east Texas, a bit cool with some precipitation. However, I wasn’t going to let some weather stop me from going camping!

I find that winter camping can be rather fun when done with the proper gear. I used my NEMO Losi two person tent,  which I have been told can handle quite a bit. It held up even when the winds picked up to 15 mph accompanied with some rain. I was especially impressed with how easy it was to set up and take down.

Nighttime proved to be the most exciting part of the trip. Make sure that you bring plenty of dry storage for your food, because the raccoons at Huntsville (or any other campsite) are relentless. I was tending to my fire about 15 feet from our picnic table when I heard a crash and a clang. I spotted the little rascal with my Princeton Tech Quad Tactical headlamp. The little critter ran off with my marshmallows! I found them the next morning about 15 feet from my tent, but they were soiled on and mostly eaten. I know better now, appropriate food storage devices are a necessity when camping at Huntsville!

Brock @ACK Spring Store