Photo by Jeff Heimsath :
Photo by Jeff Heimsath :

This month, we wanted to focus on the man with the camera, Trent Lesikar. Trent’s main responsibility is to ensure that everyone who visits the ACK website knows what they are looking at by constantly shooting, editing and uploading product photos. But as our Digital Media and Online Content Manager, he does more than just that. He’s a frequent author on the ACK blog, creates footage for ACKTV, handles a number of different creative design projects, assists with ACK’s social pages and much more. He’s a busy guy.

Originally from Dallas, Trent joined the ACK team back in May after graduating from the University of Texas with a Bachelor’s of Journalism and Photography. Having fully embraced the Austin culture, he often puts his camera to work in the live music scene – though less frequently now that he has a full time job and not living assignment to assignment. He’s got a respect for quality films, and regularly visits the Alamo Drafthouse and also collects limited edition movie posters from their affiliated company, Mondo. When it comes to the outdoors, Trent is a big camper and his favorite local destination is the Greenbelt here in Austin, Texas for summer swimming and winter hikes.

While Trent has had experience doing all the things he’s done at ACK before from his classes, commercial photography and part time work with local papers, he says that there has been some on the job learning when it comes to creating content relevant to the customers. His latest undertaking has been an “In Focus” blog series, which highlights old favorites or new and innovate gear. Most recently, the series has featured holiday gift ideas for little adventurers (seen here). He’s looking forward to 2013, or as he calls it: ACK’s Year of the Video.

His favorite aspect of the job? Whether or not he gets to use it, Trent is happy to have his “main wheelhouse” (his camera) with him everyday on the job. And with new products being added to the ACK warehouse everyday, Trent isn’t worried about job security.

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