Several nights ago, Brock, ACK Assistant Store Manager, and I were invited to PACK’s annual gathering at Saint Arnold’s Brewery.  PACK (Paddling Anglers in Canoes and Kayaks) is a large organization here in Houston that consists of paddling enthusiasts and also sponsors events and trips.

Unfortunately that night, anything that could go wrong almost did go wrong. Brock and I were both closing our respected stores and we weren’t able to leave until 7:30, the event was from 6 pm to 9 pm.  So we didn’t arrive until a little after 8 PM. Brock ended up getting there before I did because I got caught by a train that stopped on the train tracks with the brewery was just beyond the train tracks. Brock was laughing because he could see me not a few hundred feet away behind the train. I took another route to get there and needless to say, we were incredibly late. All that aside, this was a great opportunity to introduce myself to new and familiar faces. A number of the members are regular shoppers at ACK and recognized me but it was my first opportunity to introduce myself as the new Assistant Manager. I also had the opportunity to introduce Brock as the Assistant Manager for our new Spring store and answer any questions PACK members had.

Luckily for us, we brought door prizes for PACK and they forgave our tardiness. They even offered pizza and beer. That made it even better because not only was I looking forward to the meet and greet, but St. Arnolds is my favorite local brewery.

Always an enjoyable event. For more information about PACK, check out

Dave @ACK Houston