As a kayaker, I am fortunate when I see new water but it never seems to come often enough. When you do find yourself somewhere new, it forces, and teaches, you to focus on finding a new technique or a different rhythm to the way you kayak or more importantly the way you fish. This is one of the reasons even a bad day of paddling or fishing is better than a good day at work. Trust me, I’ve had just as many unproductive days as I’ve had good ones. Being in the industry I hear so many people saying “you have to do this” or “there aren’t any fish there”. I personally find this completely wrong. There are different methods to productive fishing and it’s all different for each of us. It takes the ability to seek out those different places that allows you to learn new things.

I was able to tear out of town right after eating turkey on Thanksgiving to fish with a friend of mine, Jeremy Chavez, around the Houston area. After listing to so many tall tales about the fish around that area I had to see it for myself. Despite the endless cloud of mosquitoes and bottomless pit of mud, it was by far the most ridiculous area I had ever seen. Being so much closer to the Coastal Bend area, I’m used to fishing completely different water and having the opportunity to see such a different place is what makes kayaking so unique.

Anyway, check out these pictures (courtesy of Jeremy Chavez), I know you’ll enjoy!

Grant @ACK San Marcos