I don’t want to put too fine a point on this, but if someone in your life loves the outdoors, a knife would most certainly make a sharp gift this holiday season. We offer a wide selection of knives here at ACK and I’ll run down a few different models you should check out:

First up is a beautiful knife from the Norwegian company Helle. Their knives are made with fine wood and are stunning to look at but also very functional in their design. The Eggen knife features a curly birch handle shaped into a finger guard near the blade. The triple laminated stainless steel blade will hold up throughout your excursions and the Eggen comes with a very handsome leather sheath to keep it (and you!) protected.

We recently added to the fleet of knives we carry with Buck Knives. These are generally easy on the wallet but tough, dependable knives. One of my favorites out of the bunch is the Flashpoint Folding Knife. Not only is this knife pretty stylish, but the functionality is great. The blade folds out almost like a switchblade and the locking mechanism in the middle of the knife works very well and is easy to operate. The handle incorporates a bottle opener and a carabiner and the whole thing is backed by Buck Knives  Forever Warranty!

One of our most popular options is the NRS Pilot Knife. This knife was designed with both the rescue professional and the fisherman in mind and works great for so many applications. The cutting edge of the knife has both a straight section as well as a serrated edge so it can handle what you throw at it and just below the serrated section is a rope cutting hook should you find yourself in a tangled predicament. The blunt tip is designed to prevent potentially painful and unwanted punctures (and can even double as a flathead screwdriver!). The handle is both contoured and rubberized, making it comfortable to hold and has a bottle opener in the center, helping you pare down the amount of different tools you have to carry on your adventures.

If you know someone who does a lot of tinkering with their boat, the Deluxe Rigging Knife from Davis Instruments is definitely a must-have. Multi-tools are great because they cut down on the amount of separate pieces you’re carrying and this one combines a ton of useful tools into one. Made of top-quality stainless steel, it features a Dura-edge blade, a marlin spike, screwdriver and Shackle Key. After receiving this gift, the boater in your life won’t leave home without it. Trust me!

Another unique and very cool offering is the Tool Logic SL3 Folding Knife with Fire Starter. If you’re roughing it, fire is a must all year round and this knife will ensure you’re never without the proper means to start one. With one-handed operation, this knife is easy to use,  as is the fire starting component. A special notch in the blade helps throw sparks from the piece of “Firesteel” that stores conveniently on in the handle of the knife (and it’ll even spark when wet!).

These are just a few of our unique knife options at ACK. Check ’em all out and decide for yourself. We definitely carry something for everyone and you’ll be sure to please the outdoor lover in your life with one of these fine blades.

Trent @ ACK


  1. I got a Focus Line ausonia knife for my Bday an everytime I try to look them up to maybe see other knives where I love this one so much but can’t find ANY..where an how do I find them…Thanks,Dave F