Shopping for a used car has shown me how much more enjoyable it is to shop for a used kayak. For starters, less maintenance issues! A kayak either floats or it doesn’t…and even if it doesn’t then chances are, it’s just a simple crack or a hole that needs to be repaired. A car on the other hand is a completely different story! There are countless things to look at and question when wondering, “Will it run?” It is so much easier and more likely to find a “top of the line” kayak versus even a “decent” car! Aren’t we gals supposed to enjoy looking at cars and car shopping?!  Browsing is fun, I can deal with that…but when it comes down to purchasing, that is way too stressful for this girl. 🙂

Here are a few pointers and tips when you’re shopping for that perfectly used kayak:

  • Inspect all carry handles especially those with straps.
  • Make sure all other “soft” accessories are in good shape including the seat and seat straps, bungees, rubber hatches and hatch seals.
  • Make sure that your boat doesn’t have any missing or rusted hardware.
  • Most importantly, check the bottom of the hull to make sure there are no holes, deep gouges or thinning areas of plastic that may eventually lead to leaking

The good news is that even if you find accessories that don’t meet any of the above we can easily replace most items in any of our stores or online at And, if you find a leak but really like the kayak, we can fix that too!

Amanda @ACK Houston