The 2nd Hobie Fishing World Championships is taking place (right now!) in central Texas and ACK couldn’t be happier to be a part of it all. On Friday, the team boats (Hobie Pro Angler 12) arrived at a warehouse where they were unpackaged, rigged with all the sponsored gear and loaded onto trucks for transportation to the tournament. It was quite a site to see all the flags of the different countries the competitors hail from and all the boats they’d be competing in huddled together in one space. Both the ACK and Hobie teams worked hard to get the boats ready and they sure do look great.

The Austin ACK store played host to the tournament’s kick-off BBQ event this past weekend. The event was open to the public and competitors, sponsors and ACK employees gathered to talk about the week ahead, look back to last year’s inaugural┬átournament, discuss the state of kayak fishing and of course, enjoy Texas BBQ together.

We are looking forward to this week’s events!

– Trent @ ACK