If you hadn’t already heard, the Hobie Fishing World Championships rolled into Texas and brought with them competitors from 13 different countries (see more pictures of the kickoff here). After hosting the event’s kick off at our Austin store, ACK joined the competitors for four days of fishing at Lake Bastrop and Lake Fayette. Competitors, many of whom had never fished for bass, had one chance to pre-fish in Bastrop and then the following three days was all competition, one day 0n Bastrop and then two more 0n Fayette. My job at the event was to camp out with the 42 Pro Anglers 12 and personal gear that was left on the boats overnight.

Consistency was key for success in the tournament. Those that caught 3 ‘keepers’ (14″ or over) each day did very well by the end. Even having one day with only two fish took you out of the running for the top spots overall. It was a very fun and interesting few days with the competitors. We had plenty of laughs, a couple spills, and of course lots of great fishing. See all of the final results here. We’re very proud of all of the competitors and a big thanks to Hobie Fishing and the other sponsors for hosting such a great event. Other sponsors included Daiwa, Columbia, Lowrance, Ram Mounts, Hobie Polarized and Gamakatsu.