Always a great sight to view from the water, full moons appear once a month and require some preparation and planning. Well, we had one paddler who saw not just one, but actually a full year of 13 consecutive full moon (counting a blue moon in August). Below is the story he’s submitted.

I have now paddled on 13 consecutive full moons going back to Sept. 2011 (It’s 13 because of the blue moon we had in Aug.).

I started kayaking back in the early 90’s down in Ormond Beach, Fl. My first boat was a used 1976 Easyrider ‘Sting’ fiberglass boat that I paid 50 bucks for. I was about the only one around that had a kayak back then, at least I thought I had a kayak! The cockpit was very small and the seat looked like a plastic 2X4 with some padding on it. Not at all comfortable, in fact, it was down right painful, so I modified the seat to make it somewhat comfortable. It also had thigh straps that I would use to lock my thighs down in the boat (not a good, or safe idea). I paddled that boat for several years and then my buddy finally bought a Perception ‘Dancer’ to paddle around with me.

Eventually, I called Easyrider to find out what kind of boat I had. The guy asked me some questions like how long it was, what color it was and what size cockpit it had, so I gave him the info. He asked me if I had been sitting in it and I said yes. He then told me that I was lucky that I hadn’t drowned because it wasn’t a kayak, it was a C1 kneel-in, competition slalom, canoe…the kind of boat that was used in the Olympics. That explained everything.

In 1999, I bought a Wilderness Systems Alto Expedition with rudder and that was like paddling a Lincoln MKZ compared to that crazy Sting. I also have a Pamlico 145T and a Necky Zoar Sport that I paddle and I’m very happy in any one of them depending on the conditions.

I always liked going paddling on full moon nights going back to the early 90’s, but never did more than a couple in a row. I’ve been living in Connecticut since 2002 and have done several full moons up here also but not consecutively. Last September I decided to paddle as many full moons as I could until winter came and the water froze. I got lucky with the weather and we really never had a winter up here last year, so we paddled straight through. I’m not saying that it wasn’t cold as hell during my January and February full moon paddles but the slow moving Bantam River wasn’t completely frozen over and we were able to paddle to our viewing spot. We had ice forming on our kayaks and paddles and I even got splashed by a freaking beaver on both of those trips. The water instantly froze on my hat and jacket. Damn beavers!

August 31st, 2012 was my 13th full moon paddle making it a year straight. I never really believed that I could do it because of the weather and other circumstances. Everything worked out and I’m going to continue the streak as long as possible.


Bill followed up his story on our Facebook page with a posting on his latest full paddle making 14 in a row! View his post here.