Admittedly, it’s hard to keep up with all the new products our Merchandising Team picks up after the Outdoor Retailer show. Within a day or two, the team is busy forecasting and filling orders, phones are ringing, vendors are visiting and our stores and warehouse begin to see more shipments being delivered. I could spend days writing about each of them but while we are proud of all the products we sell, once in a while there is one that stands out, one that I can’t help but personally get excited about and decide to feature here, in our blog. This time, that brand is Primus Camping Products.

Sexy isn’t it?

When I say Primus is new to us, I mean it. They’ve been around since 1892 when they created the first soot-free and lightweight package cook stove so they’ve got quite a solid reputation built behind them. We are currently stocking a few of their stoves including the Primus Profile 2-Burner Stove and the Profile Duo, which features an integrated grill for burgers and dogs! For those who enjoy backpacking or kayak camping (raising hand) where space is limited, you’ll have to check out their Primus Eta series stoves. The Solo (pictured) features award winning technology offering a high efficiency rate which offers fast boiling times and lower fuel consumption — important for those who don’t have the room to carry huge bottles of fuel. The Express features a larger 1-liter pot and the lid doubles as a frying pan. The burner and gas cartridge (sold separately) can be securely stowed away in their pots — nifty eh?

I’ve been shopping around for a high efficiency portable stove and I think I have found it. I’ll be sure to write a full report once I take it on my trip down the Colorado River this fall.

Do you have personal experiences with Primus products? Any pictures you’d like to share? I want to know!

Roland @ACK