The 2012 Summer Olympics are only 5 days away and you better believe that we will be paying close attention to the canoe and kayak events that are going on! How about you?

If you don’t know much about Olympic paddling, here’s a run down. Kayaking and canoeing have had a presence in the Summer Olympics since 1936 and today are represented by two events: the whitewater slalom and the flatwater sprint. Hungary currently has the all time high medal count for kayak/canoe events with 71 medals while USA sits in 12th overall with 16 medals since we began competing. This year we have seven athletes competing and we will be sure to update you with coverage as it comes in on how each one is fairing.

Full Canoe/Kayak Olympic Schedule - Source: US

Here is the list of events we will be participating in and which of our USA athletes will be competing for each:

This information was all found in the USA Canoe/Kayak 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Media Guide from USA Canoe/Kayak. This guide is awesome for finding information on our team’s competitors including biographies, fun facts, past accomplishments and much more so take a look! We will be sure to update you on things as we hear them.