Photo from Kayak Angler Magazine

Just read an article from Kayak Angler Magazine about Tanner, a 13 year old kayak angler, who placed second in the Yak Fish Tournament in North Carolina. There were two things about this story that really impressed me and I agreed should be considered as inspiring for younger guys picking up the sport. First, Tanner dumped his boat early on, loosing his fishing rod and probably some other items in the lake. I can imagine that at this point it probably would’ve been easy to give up but Tanner, with help from his dad, recovered what he could and got back into the competition. Then, the second thing is that the Yak Fish Tournament was not specific for kids. The fact that Tanner placed second despite being up against guys double his age and probably much more experienced is very cool. To read the entire article at Kayak Angler Magazine, click here.

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