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Everyone knows that some of the best views are from or around the water. So if you’re planning on watching some fireworks this 4th of July and have the opportunity, why not escape the crowds and watch from the nearest body of water? For many this might be the very place the fireworks are being fired from but of course you’ll need to verify that these areas are open for paddling before hand.

Watching fireworks from the water can be a great experience but it is important to take all the precautions necessary for kayaking at night. While you’re always required to paddle with a PFD and signaling device, night paddlers are also required by law to have some kind of light. This can range from a pair of glowsticks, to a headlamp or even better, a kayak light — as long as it is viewable from every direction.

Glowsticks provide visibility and are admittedly, pretty fun.

Once you’ve gathered the required safety gear, check your local Meet Up Groups or ask some friends to join you. After a couple minutes of browsing I found four groups organizing 4th of July paddle-outs here in Austin alone! Being out there with others will make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable. Oh, and don’t forget your camera! You’ll have the opportunity to get shots that no one else can, so take advantage.

Check out our 4th of July product guide and join us in making it a night full of paddling and celebration. I’ll share some photos of my own firework viewing here in Austin and look forward to seeing some of yours. So how do you plan to spend your July4th? Thanks for reading and happy paddling! – Joseph@ACK