Editor’s Note: We are sad to announce that Michael, a valued ACK Austin store employee, will be leaving ACK to pursue his education in Colorado with his girlfriend. In many ways, Denver reminds us of Austin as an outdoor sports mecca and we look forward to hearing about his outdoor adventures. Michael recently visited Denver and we asked that he share his experience with us. Michael will be with us for a bit longer but we’ll go ahead and say it now, thanks for everything and we wish you the best of luck!

My girlfriend and I are leaving the wonderful city of Austin for another city that is a whole lot higher, in elevation that is — Denver, Colorado. Denver has always been somewhat of a majestic place for me; being a snow sports enthusiast I dreamt of nothing but fresh powder and immaculate corduroy awaiting the top of that first lift. There are quite a few lifts within a short drive of Denver.

We are both continuing our education and are taking the opportunity to move to this outdoor sports Mecca. I recently spent 3 days in Denver scouting out campuses, leasing opportunities and getting a feel for a culture that emanates passion, love and above all, respect for the great outdoors. Austin is known for a similar culture, as can be deduced from the seemingly numberless roof rack systems found on automobiles of all shapes and sizes. Denver is the only city I have ever experienced that actually rivals, if not surpasses Austin in the number of automobiles with roof rack systems. Yakima, Thule and Malone bike carriers, kayak carriers, and snowboard/ski carriers roamed the streets awaiting use. I counted nearly 25 whitewater kayaks in one day; needless to say a sight for sore eyes for Austin folks doing the rain dance daily. This was expected but nonetheless an observation that excited me to a high degree and looking forward to it.

Michael @ACK Austin