Thule has been solving the problem of how to bring equipment along with you on the go since 1942. They create premium roof racks, bike and water sports carriers as well as roof boxes for your vehicle that are both visually impressive and functionally effective. They have created a number of customer favorites ranging from their Hullavator, a lift assist kayak carrier, to their popular line of Crossover?utm_source=ackblog&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=blog travel bags. They even provide a fit guide that makes it easy to determine which rack will fit your vehicle. A roof rack is something you want to be able to rely on, and we assure you that Thule has your back!

Thule Xsporter, a popular rack for paddlers that own trucks.

What sets them apart is that they aren’t just a warehouse that mass produces car racks. Thule is an international group of individuals passionate about the outdoors and they want to help others share their passion. We’ve had a number of opportunities to see their passion in action, like bumping into them at a number of outdoor conferences (including one they put on themselves) or hearing stories about their sponsored adventure team which competes in some of the toughest competitions around the world.

We were also very lucky to have Thule sponsor our Texas based kayak fishing tournament, KATS, to which they donated one of their Hullavators and an Xsporter. Thanks Thule!