One of the most stable fishing kayaks we offer.

You may have noticed our blog post last month welcoming Diablo Paddlesports to the ACK family of brands. We are particularly excited about bringing them on board due to their uniqueness, functionality as an excellent fishing platform and the simple fact that they are manufactured right here in Austin, Texas, making it easy for us to access inventory and replacement parts. You wouldn’t know they are newcomers to the paddling industry by the look of their boats, but they are, and they are already turning heads and making headlines in various related publications.

They currently offer two models, both similar in design, which are the Adios at 12.5’ long and the Chupacabra at 10.5’. What makes these boats so unique are their design and manufacturing process. They combine the stability of a Stand Up Paddleboard with the versatility of a fishing kayak, making an optimal boat specifically for our angling customers.

We offer several kayaks that allow for you to sit and stand and Diablo is right up there with them. All of that stability has to come from somewhere and while they may be a tad slower than some of it’s counterparts you’ll be surprised at how efficient they actually are — especially when combined with the optional drop skeg.

The Chupacabra in all its glory

Performance aside, Diablo kayaks are just great looking boats. The shine of the Thermoformed ABS and the large flat clean lines of the deck give it an almost luxurious feel and is sure to get second looks on the water. Those clean lines and what appears to be limitless mounting surface also lend themselves to countless rigging options. Combine that with the versatility of the Gear Trac Mounting system from YakAttack, there is almost no limit to what you can mount and where you can mount it.

One great option being offered by Diablo is their Larry Chair, which raises the paddler 10 inches of the deck, making sit-to-stand even easier while providing a better view of your surroundings. The Larry Chair is easily stored in the front hatch (or can be used around the campfire later) so when headwinds pick up it’s easy to get back to a lower profile. Because the paddler is higher off the deck it would be a good idea to consider a longer paddle (240cm+) .

Once again, we are excited and proud to have added Diablo Paddlesports to our line of boats. We had the pleasure of test-driving both models at our recent Demo Days and they were a hit! Whether fishing or simply looking for a stable and comfortable boat, we know you’ll be pleased with Diablo Paddlesports. For detailed specifications, options and pricing, click here.

Joe @ACK