If there is a will…we’ll find a way.

We get to do a lot of installs and repairs here at the ACK Houston Store and we have never been faced with an install that we have not been able to do. We recently had a customer bring in his Ocean Kayak Big Game for some rod holder installs and a rudder. The rudder was a breeze but then came the rod holders. Where the customer wanted them was just out of my arms reach in order to put the stainless steel nuts on the back side of the bolt. I really did not want to do a well nut install and was bound and determined to make this work. Before I could go any farther, the phone rang and I ran off to answer it. When I returned to my project I noticed our newest store employee, Vanson Nguyen, was upside down and inside the front hatch of the boat putting the stainless nuts on the boat! Now take into consideration that Van is 5 foot tall and 110 pounds. There is no way I could do it at my size, but he fit perfectly! We coordinated the attack plan for the rest of the install and got it knocked out quick. The customer was very pleased with the install. This experience left us thinking to ourselves, what other boat will Van fit into…..anybody have some requests?

Jerron @ACK Houston