With spring upon us, we’ve brought in some exciting new products so that you can best take advantage of this year’s outdoor season. We try to make a habit of adding items as often as we can based on our customer’s demand and as a result our inventory is always expanding. Spring just happens to be a time when a great deal of cool new outdoor products are released and we are very pleased to share them with you! With new items from old labels, like the new Angler Paddles from Bending Branches and some entirely new brands (like Brunton), there’s going to be something for everyone’s spring adventure.

Here are a few we wanted to highlight for you:

Power Your Outdoor Adventure w/ Brunton Technology
It’s easy to want to leave technology behind while enjoying yourself in the great outdoors, but some technology is simply made  for it. We recently added Brunton Technology gear to our ever-growing catalog of products including compasses, solar panels and even a weather station…check out the complete line up here.

New ACK Logo Brings New ACK Schwag
We are excited to announce that we now have new ACK Logo Short and Long Sleeve tees in stock! Most of you are adventurers and we’d like to see where you take our logo. Send us a picture of yourself with any one of our branded items that we can post on our Facebook page and we’ll send you a couple of new logo ACK stickers once we print those. Caps, visors and other items coming soon.

Spring Brings Bugs, Grand Trunk Keeps Them Out
With warmer weather upon us, the bugs will come out to play. We now offer several products by Grand Trunk that will help you enjoy a comfortable nights rest without getting eaten alive such as the Skeeter Beater Ultralight Hammock and the Air Bivy Extreme Shelter. Rugged enough for your next outdoor adventure or for simply enjoying nature’s bounty in your own backyard. View what we’ve got here.

New Angler Paddles from Bending Branches
Bending Branches has heard the call of the kayak angler and responded: they’ve just recently released a new line of paddles designed for all levels of anglers. With features like a tape measure on the shaft and a hook retrieval system built into the blade, there is no doubt who these paddles are made for — and they look cool! So check out their new stuff here!

Waterproof Your Tunes Using Grace Digital Radio
Whether hanging out lakeside with friends and family or partaking on a multi-day river paddling trip, music can always positively change the dynamics of one’s outdoor experience. However, taking that music with you can sometimes be a challenge unless you use the Eco Terra Boombox — a waterproof and rugged music player that will stand up to rigorous conditions.

For whatever adventure you have planned this spring, make sure to check our new products section often — we hope you find something there you like but of course, if you don’t we’re all ears!

Joseph @ACK