Last week I got to step into the Paramount Theatre here in Austin, Texas for the first time and catch the 2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour and to represent ACK as a sponsor of the event. It was a neat evening with many familiar faces. I have seen many of these folks in our stores or at CCA (Coastal Conservation Association) events, but a lot of people I had never seen, and mostly because fly fisherman can be a pretty subdued bunch. They aren’t looking for a high catch count as much as the perfect cast, presentation and of course the land. I consider myself to be an amateur fly fisherman and really do enjoy the sport but in some circles I am deemed “the worst fisherman on the planet” — I at least find peace in the cast and man, these movies make me want to get better!

My top 3 movies of the night were:

The Kodiak Project – I have longed to visit Alaska for many years. I think its beautiful country and this wild bunch of fellas seem like the kind of group I would fit right in with. I laughed so hard when I saw the guy in the bear costume and the fella I thought looked like an accountant turned out to be a Deadhead…Rock on! He could still be an accountant for all I know but he was slaying the steel head. An all around great video that got me excited to plan a trip.

Eli Sierra - Proud owner of a beautiful Wenonah Argosy Canoe donated by ACK

Reverb – I liked this movie for the sheer weirdness of 3 guys entrenched in the Chicago punk rock scene finding common ground in, of all things, fly fishing. How does that happen? Punk rock is angry, loud and in your face…and fishing is, well, the exact opposite unless you like the lunacy of Mike Iaconelli. I’m not much of a fan of Iaconelli; act like you’ve been there before bro. Now if I caught a fish I would do a back flip out of my kayak…errr fall out of my kayak and tell people I was attempting a back flip.

Doc Of The Drakes – Just a touching piece about a guide and a retired doctor with Parkinson’s Disease chasing big fish after the hatch. The story was just the right pace to reflect on where you’ll be when fishing may not be the easiest thing to do anymore. The spirit of the outdoors still lived in Doc and I’m sure his guide learned a lot about life.

All in all an outstanding night! Got me fired up for the CCA banquet and I’m crossing my fingers that this is the year I finally win some prizes.

Chris @ACK