Grant and his buddy showing off thier catch of the day.

Every once and a while a perfect, or close to perfect day comes along and the opportunity for success shows up knocking on your door, you know you cannot pass it up and you go for it. It’s days like these that make any sport worthwhile. For me it was a day when the wind was low, tides were good and the fishing was going to be perfect — I hoped.

I called a buddy up that I had been wanting to take kayak fishing for a while, I told him we were going to head down to the Texas coast and paddle a long way to catch a lot of fish. Naturally, as any sportsman does, he agreed. We launched as the sun was rising, paddled hard for a few miles to our first destination and we were greeted with a sea of tails. On my first cast I answered the tails with one that resulted in a broken eye on my rod…but I didn’t let it stop me. Soon thereafter we were on the bite, sight casting for fish after fish, throwing back the majority but keeping a few. With the wind in our favor I made the decision to make the journey further east, way east.

By now we were paddling past the motorboats that had passed us in the morning. We were headed to a large mud flat with a little grass that I felt would produce well for us. Once again we were greeted well. There was another kayaker who had taken his kayak out with his boat and was calling it a day when he yelled at me “there are about 50 redfish headed your way” — usually I would be thrilled but he was a few hundred yards away and there was no way for me to see what he was seeing. Not 2 minutes after his warning the water turned slick as glass, allowing us to see what our fellow angler had alerted us to. It was fish on, the top water bite was strong but nothing is more fun to me than sight casting so I stuck with that and came out on top with a solid limit of redfish. With the sun beginning to set and a 6 mile paddle back to complete our 12 mile day we made our way back catching fish along the way.

Arriving back at the boat ramp we proceeded with loading up the truck with our boats and gear, and as we began the task of cleaning the fish, we were applauded by a group of fishermen who had seen us out on the water and were amazed at not only how well we did but also how far we had gone. A great day was won, we had fish to show for it and my friend had made a paddle that a lot of paddlers would have never made even under the same conditions. It is days like these that make this sport well worth effort.

Grant @ACK San Marcos