Saspamco paddling trail

The San Antonio River Authority in conjunction with Texas Parks and Wildlife opened Bexar County’s first paddling trail earlier this month. The Saspamco paddling trail is located south of San Antonio with it’s put in located near Elmendorf, TX and its take out at the Helton San Antonio River Nature Park. It runs for about 12 miles and depending on river conditions and paddling experience, the trip can take between two and eight hours. Since the opening, there have already been several great reactions from local groups. Unlike the urban section of the San Antonio River, the trail features natural banks and better quality water. Click here to view and print a map.

A welcome site for paddlers.

As paddling popularity continues to increase, we hope to see more and more stories like these. Designated trails provide opportunities for paddlers to enjoy well mapped and easily accessible rivers and streams for a days worth of paddling. Texas currently offers 37 different trails to paddlers, see them all here. Which ever state you might be in, we hope you have a chance to go out and enjoy trails like these!  – Joseph @ACK