Ever dream of paddling? Whether its something I conjure up during my sleep or while daydreaming at work (just kidding of course), I usually end up trying to find a way to turn it into reality. That is, unless its a nightmare. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to find myself paddling in exotic places such as Hawaii, the Atlantic coast of France, Corsica, the Everglades, British Columbia, the Texas Coast, the Florida Keys, Switzerland, Colorado and various lakes and rivers in Texas and other states across America. There are tons of places I still intend to visit and do a little paddling. How about the Sea of Cortez, Costa Rica, Iceland, Alaska, New York, Oregon, Tahiti and New Zealand for a start. I want to encourage everyone to keep an open mind about paddling abroad and also to consider renting kayaks while traveling. As for the nightmares, try not to find yourself overturned in a dark sea cave prone to being underwater when the tide rises. I made it out without  scratch but it still creeps me out to think what might have been swimming beneath me.

What are some of the places you dream of paddling, or some of the favorite places you have been fortunate to visit and paddle?

Kristian @ACK