Where are they going?

I’ve been making the drive to Houston to visit our store for so long now that I’ve begun to develop stories and relationships with the towns and sites I see. It’s funny the things I notice and don’t notice while I drive. I get to cross the Brazos river when I take the 290 route. When I take the 71 route I get to see the Colorado river. I’m always looking for a paddler during that brief moment that I am crossing but assume people are probably at work. It’s nothing like the view in downtown Austin where it’s pretty much a paddlers paradise in either direction — all the time. Then there is the San Marcos River when I visit our store down in that area. I often see people paddling. Do you look when you pass a body of water? Do you check out kayaks on other peoples roof racks when they pass and come up with stories about where they might be headed? I sure do. – Chris @ACK