An in-depth look into all the available how-tos, install guides, fit guides and other tools at ACK.

We all know that kayaking itself is an easy outdoor sport to learn and become comfortable with. What can be confusing and even daunting to some people is how to use and install the thousands of accessories and other gear associated with paddling. At ACK we aren’t just focused on making a sale and walking away. Our long-term goal is to grow a relationship with our customers providing them with the resources they need to continue enjoy the products we sell them. The result of this is our drive to compile a variety of resources and share them with you on our website at Let’s cover a few of those:


From simple tasks such as strapping a kayak to a roof-top rack or using a rivet gun to more complicated product related how-tos such as installing products that either a.) don’t provide documentation or b.) the instructions that came with the product may not meet our customer’s expectations. Location: Access via the “Resources” page.

Installation Guides:

Many products we offer already come with installation guides so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to obtain copies that we could share with our customers electronically. We know that some customers, prior to purchasing a product, would like to know what to expect since they may not have the luxury of having a kayak dealer down the road to assist with installs. Location: “Resources” page or within the product page on a tab labeled “Articles/Research”.

Fit Guides:

It only makes sense that if we are going to sell a product that can be used in a variety of different applications, we guide our customers towards purchasing the correct size and/or model. Whether it be as simple as outfitting yourself with apparel to more complicated installations such as that of kayak racks, if the fit guide exists, we’ll do our best to make sure you have access to it. Location: “Resources” page or within the product page on a tab labeled “Articles/Research”.

Paddle Selector:

So many paddles for so many activities, our interactive paddle selector will make it easy for anyone to narrow down their choices based on a few simple questions. Location: The Paddle Selector is located at the top of all of the Paddle Category pages as well as within any paddle product page on a tab labeled “Articles/Research” or you can click here to access the selector.

Kayaking Maps and Launch Points:

One of the first questions you may ask yourself this spring is, “where do I go  kayaking today”? We can take care of that with our smart phone app Kayak Launch Points. It’s an essential mobile tool for every paddler. Loaded with over 15,000 marked kayak and canoe launch points, the app enables users to explore, rate, add photos, review and share kayak and canoe launch points while on the go. Click here to download the app. Don’t have a smart phone? Use our web version!

Product Reviews:

Not quite a manual or guide but rather an excellent tool that may give you peace of mind when in doubt about a particular product. Location: Within the product page on a tab labeled “Customer Reviews”.

We also offer a variety of other resources such as ACKanatomy, which labels all of the parts to a kayak, paddle and even repair parts (great for newbies), articles in both our resources section and of course our archived newsletters. As our product selection continues to grow, so will our library of resources. If you ever see a product you think needs a guide or other resource associated with it, please let us know by commenting below!

Roland @ACK