Steve Garcia Takes it Home Once Again!

The 2012 KATS Lake Fayette tournament took place this last Saturday. It was the second of 6 events in the series and was a great success! We applaud the 50 anglers that made the distant drive out to La Grange, Texas for an early start of 6:00 am.

Eagerly Awaiting the Results

The weather was almost perfect; slightly chilly, very little wind and cloud cover kept it warmer and shady. The fishing was a huge improvement over Lake Bastrop. In fact, most competitors were able to pull in several fish.

Steve Garcia once again secured the 1st place spot in the Pro Division with 102.75 inches putting him in the lead for the overall series at 200 points. Phillip Vela secured 1st place in the Amateur division with 48.5 inches. The complete results can be seen here on the KATS results page.

Nice catch!

On a side note: It is important that anyone wishing to compete for Kayak Angler of the Year or in the Classic Championship, remember that only those who have participated in two of the first four tournaments will be eligible to participate in the Wildcard event. If you have not yet fished one of the first two tournaments, you must fish the next two. However, each individual tournament is a great opportunity to compete and have loads of fun.

Another nice catch!

Winners of the Pro Division have been taking home up to $495 in prize money while the amateurs have been awarded prizes of comparable value. And while we are at it, check out our complete list of prizes including kayaks, a trailer, paddles, pfds and much more donated by our generous sponsors.

The next tournament is scheduled for March 24th, at Lake Travis. We hope you can join us! Sign up here.

Kristian @ACK Austin