Many of our readers will appreciate this since many are Kayak fisherman, it is a natural fit since the Kayak can get you to places that walking and/or motor boating cannot.  My son, Jack (4), caught his first fish this past weekend.  While I would love to say that my son’s first fish was caught out of a kayak I would be lying (and the picture would prove that), instead we stuck to land casting and much to my amazement he caught a fish on his first cast reel in.  I am not stretching the truth here, other than me doing the actual cast he reeled this bad boy in himself along with what I would call a shoreline sleigh ride for the fish.  You will notice a bit of fear, his cousin told him “Catfish are mean and will sting you”.  That was enough to keep him far away, even so much that when I caught a small large mouth bass he was still focused on the catfish and wouldn’t go near the bass.

Peter @ ACK