I recently joined the ACK team this January and wanted to introduce myself along with some of the projects I have already started working on. First off, I’m a native Austinite and take pride in that fact. Although I don’t always have the time for it lately, I used to take advantage of the Texas weather year round — whether it be riding the trails at Walnut Creek, camping at Enchanted Rock, or night kayaking with friends on Lady Bird Lake. Heck, I didn’t even get my driver’s license until I was 19 just because I rode my bike everywhere! Anyway, that all changed when I moved to Iowa to go to school at Cornell College, but after a long and cold four years I’m back and trying to get into the swing of things again. I’m excited to be part of a company that helps people experience the Texas outdoors!

I’ve already gotten to work on some cool projects including the 2012 Kayak Anglers Tournament Series (which you should check out if you are interested in kayak fishing), our blog, the boat shows and most recently a project to add downloadable installation guides for some of our more technical products. The idea behind everything so far has been to find ways to provide a better customer experience. So I thought I’d end this post by asking to see if you have any suggestions on more ways we could improve your experience as a customer, different content you might like to see featured on our blog, events we might be able to get involved with and anything else you might want to share. Just comment below!